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Özelleştirme İdaresi Başkanı

Sn. Metin KİLCİ'nin


İtalyan İşadamlarına yapmış olduğu konuşma metni


22 Kasım 2005

Dear Guests

First of all, on behalf of the Privatization Administration, L would like to express
our heartfelt welcome to the esteemed delegation of Italian Businessmen to Turkey .
I am sure your visit will pave the way for the mutually beneficial investments in
oUf countries. And our countries will thoroughly enjoy from this friendly
investment climate.

For sure, your visit will also provide us with the opportunity to engage in a
constructive and meaningful dialogue on political, economic, social as well as
cultural issues.

Therefore, L would like to extend my sincere gratitude to his Excellency
Ambassador Marsili for the kind invitation that provided me with the opportunity
to address this distinguished audience.

It is great pleasure for us to have this opportunity to meet you and to brief you on
our privatization efforts in Turkey.

In this regard, L would like to enlighten you on the recent situation of our
privatization efforts in Turkey, in particular, our successful track record in 2004
and the promising developments in 2005.

I hope that my contribution will not only fumish you with a brief outline of the
ongoing process in Turkey , but will also help increase the awareness on the
benefits and advantages of making investments in Turkey.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Turkey is among the first countries that have initiated a major privatization
program, namely in early 1980's. However, L have to admit that due to the
structural and legal difficulties, the success we have atlained in the first twenty
years have been far from satisfactory levels.

However , thank to the reform process, in the last three years, aiming at
eradicating structural and legal impediments, our efforts in this field started to
yield substantial results in terms of concluding several major privatization

In this respect, L have to emphasize the importance of the comprehensive reform
process undertaken by the current govemment in the context of EU accession, in
particular those legislative changes adopted such as Electricity Market Law ,

Natural Gas Market Law, Sugar Law, Tobacco Law, Petroleum Law, Foreign
Direct investment Law and Telecommunications Law.

These change and several new laws enacted by the Turkish Parliament have
contributed substantially to our privatization process. There were also substantial
steps taken towards simplifying procedures for establishing a company ,
encouraging foreign direct investments and liberalizing and commercializing the
petroleum sector.

In this regard, in the last 3 years, nearly 70 companies were privatized. The amount
of privati:zation transactions has exceeded 18 billion US Dollars, while it was 8
billion US Dollars in the last 20 years.

The main state enterprises privatized in this period included TEKEL Alcoholic
beverages, three fertilizer production plants, two gas distribution companies as
well as silver, copper, chrome and iron mines, sea ports, Turk Telecom, TÜPRAŞ
(Petroleum refineries ), ERDEMİR, Motor V ehicles Inspection Stations.

However , may be even more important than the numbers is the increased interest
by foreign investors to the privatization in Turkey .L believe that this interest
shows the trust of the foreign investors to the stable political and economic
environment achieved in Turkey.

Dear Businessmen,

I should also like to share with you a recent and very important development in
our privatization efforts, namely the privatization of Turk Telecom. This is of a
particular importance not only for the liberalization of Turkish telecommunications sector,
but also for the overall economic reform in Turkey .

The highest bid (6.55 billion USD) is submitted by Oger Telecom, a consortium
led by Saudi Oger and Telecom Italia.

This deal constitutes not only the highest privatization revenue so far , but also the
highest foreign direct investment to Turkey.

We are confident that this major achievement in the privatization of Turk
Telecom will further increase the demand for other upcoming privatizations, such
as the sale of state shares in TEDAŞ Turkish Electricity Distribution Company ,
National Lottery , İzmir , Bandırma, Derince and Samsun sea ports and sugar
factories. Intensive work is also underway for other privatization projects such
as, Petkim, Turkish Airlines, Posphate mines, Hotels and Tekel Tobacco
production co.

Among those, the privatization of Turkish Electricity Distribution Company
TEDAŞ will bear particular importance. W e have almost completed all the
preparations. Following the enactment of further necessary legal amendments, the
tender process will begin. To privatize electricity distribution network, Turkey
has been split into to the 20 regional distribution companies.

Ladies and Gentlemen

I believe that the full membership negotiation process initiated on 3rd October
with the EU wİll further increase the pace of integration of the Turkish economy
with the European countrİes and thus help increase foreign direct investments to

In this respect taking thİs opportunity L would like to İnvite you all to discover the
benefits offered by the privatization opportunities in Turkey .

Thank you for your kind attention.


                                                                     Metin KİLCİ



                                                                             Özelleştirme İdaresi Başkanı




T.C. Başbakanlık Özelleştirme İdaresi Başkanlığı 2005